The Zenobia

Travelling to a new place is always exciting!

Especially if I can dive! Sometimes this is a happy accident and sometimes it most definitely not!


When a friend suggested travelling to Cyprus I was excited:

  1. I have never been there, and I have several friends who have!
  2. The Zenobia

So off to Cyprus we went!

We choose a local dive company for our Zenobian Adventure! Dive In is a corporation based in Larnaca, is has branch all over Cyprus but of our needs was perfect – just down the road from our hotel! My sister and I were going to set out early and meet everyone after our diving!

It was weird to be diving without my own gear and in a 5 mm suit and jacket. I definitely missed my back Inflator BCD! Everything was a bit stiff. Rolling of the boat was fun, just like back in South Africa and Mozambique.

Oh my gosh! When we hit the water!!!!!

IT WAS COLD! At first anyway, I got used to it! The visibility was excellent, and there were loads of Jacks, Barracuda all around us as we descended. The wreck was enormous and serene – sort of Titanicy!

A little history about the Zenobia: In 1980 the cargo ship Zenobia was travelling to Greece when a problem with her ballast tanks was discovered this was rectified in Greece and she continued on her journey. Unfortunately, the problem returned, and she entered Larnaca Harbour in June 1980 badly listing. The problem could not be solved, so the Zenobia was towed out of the harbour and left at anchor. The Zenobia capsized on June 7 and sank with her cargo worth about £200 million which was never salvaged. Legend says that this cause behind the sinking of the Zenobia was never investigated and no insurance money ever collected!

Listed as a top 10 dive site, the Zenobia wreck lays about 2 km from Larnaca Harbour. It is laying on its side, at its deepest it sits at 42 meters and 16 meters at its shallowest. Divers are taken around the outside to see the ships and the propeller – which is always cool. The inside of the Zenobia is awesome, although I did need to get my orientation correct! The is something very strange about looking to the side and looking into a toilet bowl at head height! I felt very disoriented when I stared at things, and they came into focus on their sides – looking at a truck and thinking

What on earth?

Then realising that it was a truck on its side. Very weird!

But it was fascinating swimming through the accommodation section and checking out the red carpet on which you can still see the stripes!

I had never seen trucks underwater before, so it was incredible to see they lined up and strapped in, just laying there covered in algae and coral. I did love spotting the BLACK SPONGE OF DOOM! There was loads of macroalgae and flat/ tube worms. Being in the Mediterranean was very different from being in the Red Sea although it was funny to see the guide get super excited about a lionfish! My sister and I just swam by – I mean we see loads back home! It wasn’t until later that a marine biologist friend told me that lionfish are not native to the Mediterranean and that they have been sneaking in through the Suez Canal! Next time I will remember to take a fully charged camera!

All in all this was an amazing set of dives, I definitely recommend it to anyone who is going to be in the area!

I wonder where I will dive next!

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