4 Great Ways to Make Coffee!

4 Great Ways to Make Coffee #greatcoffeemaking carikubeblog.wordpress.com

How do you make coffee? I love coffee – particularly in the morning! Strangely, it’s not about the caffeine, I will happily drink a decaf coffee as long as it is good coffee and made well. Part of my morning routine revolves around the making and drinking of a good coffee. Here are some of my favourite coffee techniques!

4 Great Ways to Make Coffee #greatcoffeemaking carikubeblog.wordpress.com
Nespresso and Aeroccino – bliss!

The quickest. Nespresso – Last year I brought a second hand Inissia Nespresso Machine, worth its weight in gold! Luckily the pods are easy to get hold off and many of my friends have a Nespresso machine so we make sure each other has pods. I like this because I can have multiple types of coffee including decaf ready to go with minimal fuss. Since there is no grinding or scooping necessary, this is a no mess no fuss system – great for mornings when I am running late!

  1. Turn machine on
  2. Ensure there is enough water in the water tank
  3. Add the pod
  4. Place cup under dispenser
  5. Press size appropriate button

Then I add foamed milk – made with my Nespresso Aeroccino – I do like a cappuccino in the morning, it reminds me of being in Italy! Ideally, I like to sit in my garden and drink it slowly, reflecting on the wonder that is coffee! But often I just sit in bed and drink it while wishing I didn’t have to head to work so soon! Choosing pods it fairly easy for me, I buy four boxes (10 pods each) in different flavours and depending on how many decaf pods I have one of my four is a decaf! Recently, I have been making a second decaf coffee for my ride to work just for comfort!

4 Great Ways to Make Coffee #greatcoffeemaking carikubeblog.wordpress.com
The 4 Nespresso Pod I am drinking this month

I enjoy a range of Nespresso flavours, here are my favourite this month: Arpeggio, Indriya from India, Bukeela Ka Ethiopia,  and Ristretto Decaffeinato. It changes monthly and is often dependent on how tired I am when I get to the Nespresso Shop! I also enjoy trying the Speciality blends Nespresso does for special occasions or seasons!

4 Great Ways to Make Coffee #greatcoffeemaking carikubeblog.wordpress.com
Aeropress is easy to use anywhere.

On the go. Aeropress – My first travel coffee machine! It was a Christmas present that I fell in love with. that was about six years ago. While it does look tricky, it’s actually easy to use:

  1. Insert filter, screw on base
  2. Add coffee
  3. Place chamber on the mug (make sure this is big enough – otherwise BIG mess!)
  4. Add hot water up to the required mark
  5. Insert plunger and push down!

It is small and fits into hand luggage and handbags – although you do have to remember to grind your beans before you go! This also means you can buy coffee grounds as you go – handy when travelling and sampling local coffees. Some coffee sellers will sell a sample amount of grounds to taste.

4 Great Ways to Make Coffee #greatcoffeemaking carikubeblog.wordpress.com
Ready for work!

Choosing your coffee ground down to personal taste, my favourites are a medium or fine grind. For me, it depends on the type of coffee I am using! For darker coffees, I like a medium grind and for lighter – yup, you guessed it a finer grind! Mostly, I stick a Tupperware of coffee into my packed lunch or keep it on my desk until it is all gone!

4 Great Ways to Make Coffee #greatcoffeemaking carikubeblog.wordpress.com
4 easy parts

Cafflano – I saw a fellow diver using one of these and was determined to have one! To my amazement, I found one in a trendy coffee shop in Jeddah and now coffee at work is such a pleasure! It is an all in one coffee maker complete with a hand mill grinder for bean enthusiasts – which has easy to change settings! How many times have you been at work and really wished for a freshly ground cup of coffee?

This is definitely the answer to your prayers!

4 Great Ways to Make Coffee #greatcoffeemaking carikubeblog.wordpress.com
Best travel mug/grinder ever!

I love standing in the staff room grinding coffee and having everyone looking on in envy. The Cafflano Klassic is a great device for taking on dive trips, travelling and to work.

4 Great Ways to Make Coffee #greatcoffeemaking carikubeblog.wordpress.com
I love ziplock!

Since it has a grinder all you need is a bag of beans (zip lock it) and access to a kettle – every hotel or hostel! Never again do you have to submit to instant – YUCK!

The Cafflano also fits in any bag, okay maybe not every bag but any normal sized handbag!

  1. Add a scoop of coffee beans
  2. Grind away – great stress relief!
  3. Remove grinder, fill up the drip kettle
  4. Slowly pour water into filter
  5. When water is finished, remove the filter (I put it in the drip kettle until I am ready to clean it!)
  6. Add your sugar or milk and enjoy!
4 Great Ways to Make Coffee #greatcoffeemaking carikubeblog.wordpress.com
Lazy coffee making

Lazy day coffee. My trusty filter machine with pot warmer for days (read the weekends) where the amount of coffee I drink is not going to cause any over excitement! Seriously easy, but it does take a few minutes to filter hence not so great in a rush! This is also great when I have guests!

  1. Add water
  2. Add coffee
  3. Press on and walk away!

Simple and easy, just the way I like it on the weekend – great for staying in bed or curling up on the sofa – the coffee not the machine!

How do you like to make your coffee?

For extra information on coffee grinding please check out Specialty Coffee Advisor.


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