What to do with travel photos?

I have travelled to many places with much more to explore! I don’t know about other travellers but I have real trouble with my travel photos – yes, I post them on Facebook so my family can see them but then…there they stay unless you look through them!

What do you do with your travel photos?

In 2010 I had the great idea to turn my Japan photos into a photo book with Snapfish – the outcome was amazing – neat, compact and a little story to remember my travels by!

Nowadays most people don’t even print out their photos – I know one person who printed out their photos of their Japan trip and one who created photo books of their travel trips from the last two years.

I am sitting with photos of diving and my travels from 2014 up till now on my PC. In that time I have created one photo book from my adventures in Madagascar.

Hundreds of photos, wasting away.

Hidden from view.

Lonely and forgotten!

Screen Shot of my photo folders #carikubeblog.wordpress.comAfter looking through my travel photographs tonight, I wondered what I should do with them?!
Photobooks? Hmm, My memory of exactly where each was thank might be fuzzy but my Facebook albums will help, I usually tagged my pictures with a location!

So I checked out what Google had to say…about 303 000 000 results…I choose the top five results:

  1. 19 Gorgeous Ways to Display Your Favourite Travel Photos
  2. What to do with those hundreds of travel photos?
  3. 33 Brilliant ways to actually use your travel photos.
  4. 25+ best ideas about travel photo displays on Pinterest
  5. What to do with my travel photos?

Using the ideas the above websites suggested here are the top five from each – in my opinion given my busy lifestyle and the number of years I have to catch up on!

19 Gorgeous What to do with those hundreds
Photobooks Photobook
Big Prints in wooden frames Print and Frame Favourites
Printed onto Canvas Mini Album
Create a big poster and frame Slide Show
Painted photo boxes
33 Brilliant 25+ Ways
Chatbooks – links with FB/IG to create photo books Photo walls
Map Shaped Frames Posters
Puzzles Scrapbook
Calendar Collages
Postcards Digital photo frame
What to do with my travel photos
Copy onto CDS/DVDs
Online Portfolio
Photo to Movie
Photo book

Clearly having some sort of physical copy is popular! The above suggestions are ones I liked and felt I could use/ make or create!! No way I am printing leggings with pictures of pyramids on them! Not going to happen!

From the suggestions, I have whittled out my top five favourites that could be easy to create or make!

  1. Photo Books – one for each trip or for the year… to be decided! I will not be making scrapbooks too fussy for me but you may like them. I will have to check out ChatBook and see what it is all about!
  2. Posters/ Collages – great if you have a place to hang them, I like the idea but could lead to many, many posters in a house I do not have… yet!
  3. Puzzles – I love the idea but practically? Maybe one puzzle per trip, could you pick just one photo?
  4. Photos to movies  – A bit fussy but if you are technically inclined you could mix this will your tune of the trip!
  5. Backup on CD/ DVD, with a nice envelope for safe storage.

I like the idea of calendars but what do you do with the old calendars?

Of course, there are many digital options too… photo galleries, blog posts, but I do like the idea of sitting and looking through my photos whether in a book or on the wall!

I have used both Snapfish and Photobox to create my two photo books, I liked them both! I tried Photobox with a discount deal which halved the cost of the book – it is a hardcover. My Snapfish book is a soft cover.

There is currently a deal on Snapfish for Hardcover photo books at 60% off and on all photo books at 40% off.

So, what are you going to do with your travel photos?

Let me know!

Keep an eye out for future posts about what I will do with my photos!

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