Staycation – Cumbria, UK

Can you call it a staycation if you don’t live in the country?

Having travelled back to the UK for my summer holiday’s – a definite perk of being a teacher! I found myself enjoying a mini staycation to Cumbria. In a static caravan no less!

Where do you Staycation?

I have never stayed in a Static Caravan before – a campervan, old VW style yes, but an actual static caravan, nope! SO this was a new experience for me! I was pleasantly surprised, not sure what I was expecting but a neat, well put together mini home was not expected. It was just like a normal home but smaller and less solid!

Caught being cute on camera - carikube.wordpress.comFor my brother, his girlfriend and the dog the trip to Cumbria is something they do as a way to get away from the busy city of Liverpool and enjoy some quality walking time in the countryside.

Staying in Caravan Park near Arnside it was quiet and just like a small country village with green trees, grasses and even a pond! It was beautiful, definitely a good way to spend the weekend.

#carikube.wordpress.comI must admit it has been a long time since I did any English Countryside walking. We started out walking along the beach at Arndale, the overcast sky kept us cool and still allow for good photos. Quintessentially English, Arnside is cute, the beach was a mix of sand, mud and rocks. Watching the dog gamble about was great, he is such a happy pooch!

Summer crossings of the bay - carikube.wordpress.comAs we rounded the headland on the beach we discovered hundreds of people and dogs milling about! In the middle of the beach. Almost in lines, it was weird! We found out that during the summer the wide gets low enough for people to walk across the bay from one beach to another, there is a Sand Master leading the expedition and a tractor following them jut in case! Apparently, there are quicksand patches and places where the sand puddles are very deep, hence the need for a Sand Master to keep everyone safe!

Walking on the beach to SIlverdale - carikube.wordpress.comThe dog was not impressed, the vast number of dogs did not want to play, so we carried on with our walk to Silverdale!

Our route took us from Arnside to Silverdale along the beach, with a brief pause to watch my brother and the dog cavort in a giant puddle! Apparently, the dog can’t see when the water changes depth, so he would disappear into the water and pop up doing the doggy paddle! Hilarious fun!

We walked through Silverdale, stopping for refreshment at each pub! The sun had come out some chilled with a cold drink in the summer sun was amazing! Yes, the meandering through the village was slow and really chilled! It was late afternoon before we hit the forest to make our way over the hill (via a series of forest paths and windy footpaths).

Views through the trees of moss covered rocks - carikubeblog.wordpress.comI still think going up the hill would have been better in the morning but since we were in the shade it was great! English forests are so stirring, maybe it was just me but I was seeing ancient battles between bowmen, forest folk dancing and frolicking through the trees! Sure, the moss covered rocks evoked images of scrambling children and elves! I can’t wait for my masters to be over when I can sit down and write some of these scenes down!

#carikubeblog.wordpress.comThe view from the top of the hill was beautiful, a feeling of contentment and achievement washed over me as I looked out over the Dales. I am now getting whimsical and should sign off before I head off in a totally different direction!

I am definitely a firm believer in Staycations, where ever you live! Particularly, if you live in a city and can get away to the countryside. It was a beautiful weekend and as usual the dog got the most attention – he is a lovely dog!

Where do you go for a mini break?

Tibs on tour on Arnside Knott -


  1. Sounds like such a lovely and relaxing holiday! My boyfriend’s family has a static caravan in St Andrews in Scotland, and we spent a mini-cation there with my mum last summer. Absolutely loved it and would do it over and over again!

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  2. Aw I loved reading this as someone who was born and raised in Cumbria I feel like a very proud Cumbrian. It isn’t the most tropical of destinations but with The Lake District and some great areas of the west coast you can really have a nice time there. Thanks for sharing – you’ve made me also want to leave the busy city of Liverpool and head home for a few days!

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  3. I did Lake Windermere and saw Wardsworth’s cottage as a teen. Twas amazing. Stayed for 2 days. Very cold, though. Like all of England lol. Gotta return as an adult in summer.


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