Chester, UK

I love having family who lives in different places! It means more places for me to visit and explore!

Where does your family live?

My youngest brother has recently moved to Chester. So guess where my second stop during my three-month long vacation was?

Yup, you guessed it!


img_6708A lovely city, with a small town feel! In the sunshine, it is stunning, although I am pretty sure that even overcast Chester is pretty! Such an easy city to walk around, either by canal or along the city wall! The old town is crammed within the large Roman walls despite the winding streets the city does not feel cramped! Many tourists wander around, mixing in with the locals doing their shopping.

img_6711A strange mix of ancient stones and modern stores and restaurants, Chester is a lot of fun to walk around. From the Roman walls, amphitheatre and the rows of Tudor Style half-timber buildings, it is a wonderful mix of architecture making my meanderings around the old city very interesting.

img_6705I happily wandered around, stopping at coffee shops and bars to watch the folk shopping and sight seeing!

There is so much to do from visiting the Cathedral, the Race Course, the Zoo and an Aquarium, even Falconry events based out of the Cathedral!

You need at least a week to explore this lovely English City!

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