3 Reasons Why Kinsale is the Food Capital of Ireland! 

Fishy Fishy does food best! #fishyfishy #kinsale www.lifebycarikube.comWhen travelling, there are two types of people – those who count their penny’s/ cents and those who don’t at least when it comes to food! I don’t! I love food!

Kinsale is touted as the Food Capital of Ireland, and there are some brilliant restaurants! I haven’t even been to all of them! But I have decided that I will when I am living in Europe again! Kinsale has a Food Festival a couple times a year, next – their 41st in October!

This year … actually, every time I go to Kinsale I have my staple places to eat, drink and be merry! This year was no exception when I was made aware of some new guests to Kinsale Drinks shelf!

Sorry, Cork Dry Gin but I had to try them… of course I did! With tonic and martini-style! I usually go through the lineup Guinness, Murphy’s, Beamish, Kinsale Ale and then gin but this time, mostly Gin!

Fishy Fishy – a relaxed venue with outstanding service and atmosphere! It gets very busy during the summer! I have been here at least once a year! Pretty much every trip at least once, usually for special meals like birthdays, Christmas but if my holiday doesn’t encompass one of these then it’s a highlight of the trip! I have never had a bad meal, the wine is good and this trip the Martini’s were excellent! I have been eating at Fishy Fishy since 2008 and it only gets better!

#fishyfishy #kinsale Life by Carikube www.lifebycarikube.com

Dino’s –
the local fish and chip shop! It’s one of the busiest restaurant in Kinsale!both the sit-down side and the takeaway side! Battered fish several ways, generous portions and good local ale! The cosy atmosphere suits any occasion! I am pretty sure any trip to the seaside is not complete without battered fish, chips and mushy peas! Again I am pretty sure I have eaten either at Dino’s or had a takeaway for the last 9 years!


The Black Pig –
 A fairly new restaurant to Kinsale! I ate here for the first time last summer! Tapas style with eclectic decorations and a wonderfully cosy outdoor space – a tiny place with moss-covered walls and an awning to protect from the rain! Both meals have been exceptional and the wine is from a large collection! You can even watch the servers preparing the cool platters!


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3 Reasons Why Kinsale is Food Capital of Ireland!


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