This is me!


Do you get those awkward questions when you meet up with old friends? You know the ones!

  1. Do you have kids? (oh no, quickly ask the next one!)
  2. Are you married? Divorced? (not even divorced – she must have a high powered job!)
  3. What’s your job? (Oh, really? Aahh what to ask next?)
  4. Where do you live? (This is where it gets fun for me – people stare and ask “oh wow, isn’t it restrictive?”)

I really hate these questions despite their easy way to get everyone on the same page. But they just don’t do justice to my life!

How do you capture an independent life?

img_1356Hi, it’s me – Cari!

  1. I have travelled in 36 countries.
  2. Lived in 7 different countries and currently, live in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Scuba dived in 6.
  4. I have no debt.

These facts do not describe me. Particularly, if you make the leap and say, “I guess you must be lonely” or (my favourite) “what’s wrong with you?”

I am independent!

I chose to leave London after nearly 8 years because I needed a new adventure (and the cost of living is painful). I wanted to live in a new country and experience a new culture. One that was as different from the UK as I could get!

My mother asked me where I wanted to go… the moon was my suggestion!

I didn’t go to the moon – it’s still on my list! But of all the jobs I could have chosen I chose to teach in an international school in Jeddah! Why? Two things – why not? And at the time there were no visas for tourists!

Guess what?!

After nearly 5 years here, I have loved it!

img_0412I have travelled more than I ever imagined! In part due to school holidays and extremely long summer breaks! Although this year I only had one holiday which was spent in Lebanon! This is due to the Ministry of Education trying to ensure enough school days are completed before Ramadan. The upside – I finish school on the 17th of May.

Despite moving to a new school I will still get a whopping three months holiday!

So while other teachers hate me for the long summer, bear in mind that I have only had ten days break since August 24th!

I started blogging in 2014 after helping a friend set up her fashion blog (sadly she no longer blogs). The whole blogging thing seemed like a good way to write about stuff! And by stuff, I mean travel and scuba diving. This slowly developed into writing about coffee and waxing lyrical about planning tips and tricks I have picked up along the way. I have taken two hiatus’, one because life got in the way (read work sucked eggs!) and the second so that I could focus on my Master’s thesis! Which is now submitted and I am waiting patiently for the results!

So, I am back and hopefully, some good posts and stories of my adventures will develop!


Stay tuned for future posts about my time in Jeddah!

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  1. Coincidence! Yesterday I was looking at some old posts from you and thought that I must ask you why there had been none recently and behold- there it was today!!

    Keep on writing!


  2. I love reading posts from people living in Jeddah. I rarely see people who blog about it. I’m glad you’ve learned to love this place. I consider it my second home. 🙂


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