Who I am

Hi, I’m Cari!

There once was a girl who said,mother , I think I’d like to go to the moon!

IMG-20140325-WA0001 Life on H Block!

I didn’t make it to the moon but I did end up on an adventure in a strange land! This new land ended up being a gateway to a whole host of adventures. Currently, I am living in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia working as a teacher educating little people while waiting patiently for the results of my Masters!

I have visited many countries world wide but there are always more to see…

I am a dive enthusiast with a PADI Dive Masters qualification. I have 22 years dive experience and have dived in 6 countries so far! I also love coffee, planning, being creative and travelling. I am definitely a hobbyist – I love a good hobby! I even dabble in knitting and am struggling to reteach myself to crochet.

At 15 I was determined to write a novel! Not quite got there yet but I decided to do more writing. Something regular, something I would enjoy! So I chose to start a personal travel adventure blog… then I realised I love coffee (okay my posts on coffee are popular! See The thing about coffee & 4 Great Ways to Make Coffee). Then I started adding posts about things I enjoy or that have helped me in my adventures Bullet Journal – one year later. I actually just enjoy writing and sharing! My blog helps me express my creativity using my life as inspiration!

My most fervent wish is that somewhere someone will read my words and smile… or be inspired! Maybe one of my posts will push that someone to making a trip or planning something amazing even if it is a Staycation an hour away.

My adventures are not glossy, they are not filtered to death! But maybe they will inspire you to do something new or old that you haven’t done in a while!

I don’t get it right all of the time but I love sharing when I do!

Follow my adventures!Life By Carikube

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